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Permit To Work

Solving Your Permit To Work Problems In One Month

A best-in-class permit to work solution that dramatically decreases administration time, reduces the risk of accidents, helps you more easily pass internal audits and gives you absolute certainty that every contractor working on site is both compliant with their SOPs and working safely.

Contractor Self-Management

Save significant time, as well as increase efficiencies, by enabling approved contractor companies to simply self-manage the critical documentation you need before they arrive on your site. Contractors have access to a dedicated portal, and have the responsibility for inputting and managing all their own details, documentation and questionnaires.

Permit Report
Permit Report

Worker Orientation & Induction

Take advantage of significant time savings by giving individual contractors the ability to view induction material and answer questions on any device and from any location before arriving on site.

Real-Time Visibility Of Visitors & Contractors

Advance visibility for security and reception teams of all visitors due to arrive on site with categorisation by contractor or day visitor.

Permit Report

Matching the key workforce safety and compliance requirements of companies globally


  • Easy to use / role based interface

  • Identification of conflicts

  • Selection of contractors by role and accreditation

  • Enforcement of permit closure procedures


  • Self-management by contractors of induction and compliance documents

  • Save time and increase efficiencies through contractor self-management

  • Seamless management of contractor database

  • Email notification of insurance, qualification or induction to be renewed


  • Software recognition of pass, fail, and grading of induction courses

  • Permit only raised if contractor is inducted

  • Induction anywhere, at any time through any device before coming on site

  • Ability for contractors to complete video induction and be certified prior to coming on site


  • Visibility of security and visitors due to arrive on site

  • Ability to view all contractor and visitor by status

  • Custom pre-arrival messages to enhance experience

  • Online booking and management of visitors with reception desk / security desk tools

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