Preparing for an Audit or Remediating Findings?

In November 2018 we asked all of our clients if OneLook Systems is having a positive impact with the preparation and passing of audits.

91% said that they had seen a marked improvement. 9% said that it was just too early to tell.

If one of the key drivers behind you being interested in software that manages the compliance of permit issuers and contractors is the need to better prepare for stringent auditing, then there is no better company in the world to help you.

Below is a sample of the common findings we can help remediate. Contact us directly on [email protected] if you have a specific question or to arrange a more detailed discussion.

Finding Our Solution
Greater control required over vendor insurance. Implement Contractor Portal to collect and notify when insurance expires.
Permit to Works are not being closed. Create an automatic rule in SafePermit to notify permit raisers and approvers once a permit has not been closed in the necessary time period.
Unqualified contractors have been performing work. Use Contractor Portal to allow the contractor themselves to upload their qualification.
No records of who has had site induction or orientation. All inductions viewed and quiz passed are stored in Induction Manager and are reportable in seconds.
RAMS not attached to permit. SafePermit holds all RAMS with each permit allowing complete traceability.
Unable to tell when a contractor left site Use Visitor/Security module to equip reception with the ability to mark a person or and off site.

” The best system we have seen. OneLook Systems have a great understanding of industry requirements” –

Anonymous external auditor to the pharmaceutical industry