Save Significant Time Managing Contractors

By giving your approved contracting companies access to a dedicated self-management portal, they then have the responsibility for inputting and managing all their own contractor details, documentation and questionnaires. 

Manage and view all your contractor details and documentation in one location, this will allow you to save valuable time and requires much less administration than paper-based systems.

contractor management software image
picture of contractors management portal

Stop Unqualified Contractors From Carrying Out Work

With easy integration, unqualified contractors are stopped from doing work on site.

Keep up to date with contractor activity, and enjoy the seamless flow between your contractor database and the resultant ability to create best-in-class Permit to Work.

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Keep Compliance Documentation Up To Date

Easily store in one secure location all compliance documentation for your contracting companies, sub-contractors and individual contractors.

These documents can then be accessed at the click of a button.

Take advantage of robust documentation management tools which include giving the ability for contractors to send in documentation according to location, the setting of expiry dates, easy uploading and approving of RAMS as well as the ability for permit issuers to approve or reject documentation.

displaying company documents through contractor management system
picture demonstrating managing contractor details

Instantly See Compliance Status Of Your Workforce

The system provides quick and simple smart filters that give you the ability to search for contractors by role, type, status and description so that they can be easily viewed or selected for work.

Stay Connected And In Control Through Regular Notifications

Be notified of any upcoming issues through automatic email communications and alerts when contractor insurance, qualifications, orientation, or induction needs to be renewed.

This gives you full control over your contractor workforce and ensures only compliant contractors can operate on site.

picture of successful contractor management solutions

Find out how Liverpool Airport implemented our electronic permitting system as a way of ensuring contractors coming to the airport were working in a compliant and safe manner.

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