COSHH Assessment & Management

Our Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) module is an electronic system developed taking consideration of REACH regulations and which aims to ensure that those companies who manage any chemicals or hazardous substances do so in a safe and compliant manner.

Complete Visibility Of All Chemicals Across Site

Complete visibility of all chemical products in use across sites and locations globally, as well as immediate access to safety data sheets (SDS) and chemical manufacturers details in the event of an accident.

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Standardize Assessment Of Chemicals

Standardize Assessment Of Chemicals

Standardize the process of assessment of chemicals, reduce the number of assessments if product was evaluated previously, and lessen the number of chemicals in use.

Mitigate And Eliminate Any Potential Chemical Or Cross Contamination Risks

Mitigate any potential chemical health and safety risks to employees and contractors, with approval required to bring any chemical or hazardous substance on site.

Ensure that risks of products being contaminated during manufacturing are eliminated.

Improve Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Improve Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Improve your impact on the environment and deliver on your corporate social responsibility promises through greater control and awareness of chemicals and hazardous substances.

Mitigate the risk of chemical spills or accidents and reduce the potential for damage to the external environment.

Find out how Liverpool Airport implemented our electronic permitting system as a way of ensuring contractors coming to the airport were working in a compliant and safe manner.

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