Best-In-Class solutions that integrate to give you 100% confidence that EVERY worker on your site is safe and compliant

No one understands the end-to-end contractor journey, together with the challenges this presents to safety and compliance, better than the team at OneLook Systems.
As world leaders in contractor compliance our software and best practice expertise will give you absolute certainty that every contractor arriving on-site is both compliant and working safely. Just as importantly, we will cut the time and pain involved in managing your contractors.
If you are currently using non-electronic means to generate permits then we are experts at taking the best of what you are currently doing and transferring your organisation or site to a best-in-class software approach. Most importantly, we are hugely experienced at helping bring all relevant personnel on board with both the concept of change.
contractor compliance software

“SafePermit has greatly added value to our business. The process efficiencies gained through SafePermit have provided us with a return on investment within six months.” – Global Manufacturing Operations, Top 5 Global Pharma Company

At OneLook Systems, we understand that change must be managed and introducing a new process in a large organisation takes time. Our team will work with you the whole way. Over ten years we have worked with hundreds of global multinationals and pride ourselves on being the Software Company People Love to Work With.