Induction & Orientation Anytime, Anywhere

Take advantage of significant time savings by giving individual contractors the ability to view induction material (video, pdf, powerpoint, etc) and answer questions on any device and from any location before arriving on-site.

contractor induction & orientation system software
image of induction system for contractors

More Than Just Induction: Combine With Ongoing Training Programs

Easily expand induction and orientation procedures for contractors into ongoing training programs with multiple courses.

Administrators have the ability to assign training courses for contractors to take before coming on site. This can include manual handling training, asbestos awareness training, or any other training relevant to your site.

Automatic Grading Of Completed Induction Courses

Reduce administration through software that instantly recognizes the passing, failing and grading of induction courses with the record updated within the contractor management area.

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picture or orientation software system
picture of successful Induction And Worker Orientation

100% Certainty That Every Contractor Is Safe And Compliant

A Permit To Work can only be raised if a contractor is currently qualified as being inducted. This is achieved through seamless integration with both the contractor database and permit to work functionality.

Find out how Liverpool Airport implemented our electronic permitting system as a way of ensuring contractors coming to the airport were working in a compliant and safe manner.

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