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Find out how Liverpool Airport implemented our electronic permitting system as a way of ensuring contractors coming to the airport were working in a compliant and safe manner.

Case Study – Wellington Airport

Wellington International Airport, the third busiest in New Zealand, caters for over 6 million passengers each year. With an average of 250 daily flights flying to 25 direct destinations, the airport is constantly adapting and growing. Wellington Airport experienced some challenges relating to permitting and contractor management, and wanted to understand what jobs were happening at the airport and where at all times. Read about how OneLook Systems were able to help.

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Permit to Work

SafePermit Permit To Work provides a high level of control in permit to work management that is lacking with paper-based processes. The system makes important information instantly accessible, as well as enables an extra layer of safeguards.

At the touch of a button, see a full overview of all work taking place across the airport, rapidly identify conflicts, and temporarily “lock out” areas of the airport so no permit or work can be raised.

Access to the system can be enabled from anywhere in the airport, on any device, and different permit requests can go to different approvers. Landside permit requests can go to one person for approval and airside permit requests might go to a different person to be approved.

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“If I could design the perfect permit-to-work system it would look just like SafePermit.”

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Contractor Portal

With SafePermit Contractor Portal module you will be able to ensure that contract companies are adequately insured and their workers have the correct qualifications to perform work at the airport, which is vital for overall compliance.

Our contractor management system allows a contractor to log in and enter required information themselves before they begin work at the airport. This reduces the amount of administration and time for you. Set mandatory compliance requirements and the contractor has a secure screen where they can upload required documentation, certificates and take questionnaires you have configured.

Contractor Portal can integrate with our Permit to Work platform so as permits are being created for work the user can see if the workforce picked is compliant with company requirements.

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At OneLook Systems, we understand that change must be managed and introducing a new process in a large organisation takes time. Our team will work with you the whole way. Over ten years we have worked with hundreds of global multinationals and pride ourselves on being the Software Company People Love to Work With.

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