Management of Change Software

Our Management Of Change module is an electronic system that helps clients streamline the process for recording and electronically managing the change control process. MOC can be fully customized to replicate existing change control processes used on site.It allows for the tracking, approval and reporting of all outstanding change controls. The system allows for the removal of paper inefficiencies and replaces them with collaborative online workflow based screens. This allows users to submit major or minor change requests and push associated tasks for approval and closure.

Automatically Assign Mandatory Approvers

Save time by automatically assigning mandatory approvers.

Manage projects and create tasks to be completed on specific questions with selected task owners. This ensures the right work is done at the right time by the right people.

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Electronically Link Supporting Records

Electronically Link Supporting Records

Some documents may require supporting records, which can be electronically linked to the MOC for viewing. 

These could include drawings, financial documents, environmental reports, health and safety records.

Everything is stored in one location for quick and easy access to save you time and increase efficiencies.

Stay Updated With Notifications

Once a major or minor change is submitted, an approver can log in to the MOC system and review all details about the requested change and assigned tasks.

Once a request has been submitted, the selected approver will receive an email with the change request / document details.

Likewise, once a change has been approved or rejected the raiser will receive an automatic email notification.

This improves communication between approvers and raisers (departments) and speeds up the change management processes.

Configured To Your Requirements

Configured To Your Requirements

All screens will be configured to meet the requirements of the customer.

The project team will configure the various building locations, MOC owners and approvers as required.

Multiple change requests within the MOC can be configured to an associated task requirement.

The system is completely configured to your processes and SOPs.

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Find out how Liverpool Airport implemented our electronic permitting system as a way of ensuring contractors coming to the airport were working in a compliant and safe manner.

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