Permit To Work

SafePermit, is the world’s most used electronic Permit To Work and Contractor Safety Management tool.

Most importantly, in these challenging times, SafePermit is configurable to allow for additional general information reminders for any time you create a new permit. We have worked with our clients to offer a standardised COVID-19 permit which is available to any customer who needs it. This permit helps the permit raiser to think about the situation and who will be coming on site to perform work. 

With the easy installation of SafePermit safety leaders will have absolute confidence that their Control Of Work systems are flexible enough to cope with permit approvers working from home, robust enough to stop COVID-19 infections spreading from outside contractors and agile enough to enable them to adapt to an ever changing landscape.

Drive Up Your Compliance Levels

image of permit to work report

Drive Up Your Compliance Levels

100% compliance levels through workforce qualification checks and automatic identification of non-compliant contractors. Ensure full control of all Permit To Work activity, especially around permits being accurately completed.

No step can be bypassed, contractors must adhere to your SOPs.

Improve Safety Awareness