Improve Compliance and Easily Manage Permits

Our Permit To Work system, SafePermit is a cloud based software solution designed to address the inefficiencies associated with paper-based permit to work processes.
It is a centralised electronic system enabling you to bring people on site, obtain permits to work and check qualifications and insurance requirements.
All work is electronically validated to ensure that the correct PPE is used and safety and qualification requirements are met and adhered to.

Permit Map

Get the Big Picture

Site Maps & Locations
See all work taking place on your site, in real time.

Conflict Manager
Alert permit raisers of other work being completed in the area.

Area Alert
Instantly notification if a permit is raised in your area.

Tailored to Your Process

We take your current SOP’s and build the workflow of the platform to match, ensuring every permit is fully compliant.

Database of PPE & Safety
As the raiser completes the permit the platform assess the type of work and adds PPE & safety requirements based on your own procedures.

Create A Permit
Permit Report

Increased Understanding Of Risks

Enterprise Dashboard
Provides an at-a-glance view of metrics across all locations from one screen.

Facilitates the creation of reports on all data captured in the PTW process.

Permit Calendar
Quick access to see all work scheduled to take place.

Reduce Administration by 90%

Permit Templates
Generate permits for regular tasks in seconds.

Raise, Review & Close On Any Device
Create, complete and close the permit to work process from any device at any location.

Keep a Paper Copy
Once the permit has been reviewed the permit can be printed and given to the worker which can also be archived.

Reduce Admin By 60%
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What Makes SafePermit Platform The Best Solution For Your Enterprise?

The Benefits Of Working With Us.

At OneLook Systems, we understand that change must be managed and introducing a new process in a large organisation takes time. Our team will work with you the whole way. Over ten years we have worked with hundreds of global multinationals and pride ourselves on being the Software Company People Love to Work With.

Kinsale Energy operates two gas production platforms off the coast of Cork and a small onshore gas terminal.

“We approached OneLook Systems requesting development of a bespoke electronic system to assist in the preparation of permits for the inhibiting of Safety Critical Protective Devices. OneLook Systems developed a SafePermit system that was an ideal fit for our requirements. We have been using the SafePermit system for 3 years now, and we are very satisfied with its performance and our experience with OneLook Systems.”

– Anthony McDonnell Health, Environment & Safety Manager Kinsale Energy.

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  • Improve Compliance and Easily Manage Permits
  • Get the Big Picture
  • Tailored to your process.
  • Increased Understanding Of Risks
  • Reduce Administration by 60%