Manage Visitors & Work From One Screen

Our Visitor & Security module is a centralised visitor management system which facilitates a streamlined process of bringing visitors on site and projects a confident image of your company.
Visitors can be booked in either on arrival or in advance of their arrival, on a central booking system.
The system can record full visitor records and can quickly and safely bring recurring visitors back on site.

effortless management of visitors

Effortless Management Of Visitors

Manage All Site Visitors From One Screen
The system can identify if the person coming to site will be performing work or not. If they are, it will specify safety and approval requirements that need to be met.

Traffic Light Status
See at a glance who is on site, due soon and off site.

Project A Positive Company Image

Instant Notification
Visitors instantly receive a confirmation email welcoming them to the site, details of their visit and who they will be meeting.

Less Delays, Less Stress
Take the hassle out of appointments. Save time for both host and visitor.

project a positive company image
stay ahead

Stay Ahead

Advanced Notice
Security or reception have advanced notice of a visitor’s arrival, allowing them to have a badge printed and ready.

Location Based Approval
Determine that access to specific locations

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What Makes SafePermit Platform The Best Solution For Your Enterprise?

The Benefits Of Working With Us.

At OneLook Systems, we understand that change must be managed and introducing a new process in a large organisation takes time. Our team will work with you the whole way. Over ten years we have worked with hundreds of global multinationals and pride ourselves on being the Software Company People Love to Work With.

We found a huge time saving for both us as the host company and the visitor coming on site with the Visitor & Work Management module.

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  • Manage Visitors & Work From One Screen
  • Effortless Management Of Visitors
  • Project A Positive Company Image
  • Stay Ahead