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OneLook Systems are delighted to share with you our series of webinars covering a variety of topics, many which are industry-specific. Each webinar is just 10 minutes long, so we give you bite-sized chunks of information on what we feel are pressing issues when it comes to safety in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, tech and airport industries.

We hope you find these webinars informative and engaging.

Recent Webinars

Online Panel Event – Implementation Of An Electronic Permit To Work & Contractor Management System

Online Panel Event – Moving From A Paper To An Electronic Permit To Work System

Planning To Move From Paper PTW To Electronic PTW? 3 Key Benefits Seen By Companies Who Have Made The Switch

The Business Case For Cloud-Based Safety And Contractor Management Solutions

WEBINAR -The Cost Benefits For Safety Professionals Of Moving To An Electronic Documentation System

The Cost Benefits For Safety Professionals Of Moving To An Electronic Documentation System

Electronic Permit To Work Best Practices – Benchmarking From The Worlds Top Companies

5 Practical Ways In Which An Electronic Contractor Management System Will Strengthen Compliance & Safety

Understanding The Need For Visibility Of Contractors & Conflict Management

Vetting Does Not Equal Compliance

Applying The 5 Principles Of Lean To EHS Using Software

5 Tips To Ensure The Successful Implementation Of An Electronic Permit To Work System

5 Things To Prepare You For Moving From Paper Processes To Electronic Processes

How & Why Electronic Permitting Solutions Are Closing The Gaps In Work Safety & Compliance

Switching From Paper Permits To Electronic Permits In The Chemical Industry

Why In The Tech Industry Are People Still So Reliant On Paper

Management Of Change

ePermits vs Paper Permits In The Food & Beverage Industry

Managing Contractors & Risk

The Benefits Of Contractor Self-Management

Identifying Where Compliance Is Falling Down

Managing Your Contracted Workforce & Reducing Risk In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Management & Control Of Contractors Within Airports

At OneLook Systems, we understand that change must be managed and introducing a new process in a large organisation takes time. Our team will work with you the whole way. Over ten years we have worked with hundreds of global multinationals and pride ourselves on being the Software Company People Love to Work With.